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 Print Buddy Kiosk 


Includes a selfie station with props, but pictures can be taken with the app anywhere. 

The kiosk will print up to 700 pictures during your event (~75/hour)

Event coordinator receives a digital copy of all the pictures post event 

(great for marketing or yearbook purposes)

Users (or your photographer) download the app and can print 4x6 pictures on site.

All pictures can have a customized border for your event.

1 Outlet needed, 1 Table needed, 1 operator needed

Print Buddy Kiosk +Photographer 

$700 + Hourly Rate

In addition to the above details, this brings a staff member with an Ipad and Light Ring to take pictures at your event, both at the selfie station and can take pictures at different parts of your event. The photographer is $20/hour.

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