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  • What bouncers do you have for rent?
    View them here
  • Do you require a deposit for rentals?
    Yes we ask for a 50% deposit that becomes a down payment and goes towards your rental.
  • What about the weather?
    The deposit is refundable if you or we cancel the rental due to weather. We will call you a day or 2 before to go over any concerns. If we both agree to set it up full payment is required. If there is rain or wind we will train you on how to shut the bouncer off and cover it with a tarp we leave. You can restart it when conditions are clear.
  • Are your rentals clean?
    We clean our inflatables after every rental using 99.9% effective cleanser. We also vaccuum them and go the extra step if they get wet of ensuring they are dry inside and outside so there is no mold buildup. Most of our rentals are only a couple years old but we don't think you could tell which ones are a couple years older.
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