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Fundraising Cards
Fundraising Forms

Our most profitable fundraiser is our fundraiser cards. We give you order forms for kids to sell the passes to friends and family. We will sell you cards at $5 each that are valued at over $11 for a weekend visit. You can decide to sell them at whatever amount you like (we recommend $10, but have provided a chart below showing with a $9 option. You can see the profit potential! Even if each kid just bought 1, its a huge margin we provide to you! It’s going to pay for your FUN day! There are no minimums or upfront costs! We make it easy to raise FUNds for your school!

Fundraiser Chart
Fundraiser Cards
Fundraiser Form
Fundraiser Night Johnstown

We also offer the fundraiser nights option popular at many places.

Your school can sponsor a weekend (Friday-Saturday-Sunday)

and customers bringing in your flyer will have 10% of their sales donated to your school. The 10% is off open jump and other items purchased at the front desk (it excludes tokens as we cannot track it).

It’s an easy fundraiser but its profitability is limited.

We also have 7 carnival games for rent. You can rent these out and have them at an event or festival and charge customers however you would like for the opportunity to win prizes. We can  sell you prizes or you can utilize your own. Profit potential is based off how much you charge and how much you spend on prizes.

Carnival Game Fundraiser
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