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Chairs and Tables

Regular Chairs
Deluxe Chairs

No Delivery Charge within 15 Miles of the Johnstown Galleria

16-25 Miles- $20

26-35- $40

36+ Miles- Please call for details

When delivering multiple items (inflatables..ect) only 1 delivery charge will apply.

Need more room for guests to sit at your next party or event? We offer tables and chairs as part of our event rental service. They can be rented by the unit or in packages. When renting multiple items from us (inflatables, battlefield...ect) we will put a custom bundle price together for you based on all your event needs.

Regular White Chairs

$1.75 each

Maximum of 30

Deluxe White Chairs

$3.00 each

Maximum of 12

White Tables-seats 6 chairs

$8.00 each

Max of 12

Chair and Table Packages:

Seating for 12-Regular

2 Tables, 12 Chairs

$35 packaged

Seating for 12-Deluxe

2 Tables, 12 Deluxe Chairs

$48 packaged

Seating for 30-Regular

5 Tables, 30 Chairs

$85 package deal

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